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Merrie Eselgroth creates theme-based dimensional works of art celebrating the vocations and avocations of professionals, hobbiests, collectors and businesses.

Here are a few examples...

AudioVisual Thumbnail
Flower Thumbnail
"An AudioVisual Professional"
Includes slides, videotape, audiotape, film cans, cassettes and more. The original resides in the Producer's lobby.

Original approximately 23" x 28".
"A Gardener's Flowers"
Includes flowers, leaves, twigs, buds and more from the owner's garden.
The original resides in her home.

Original approximately 25" x 29".

Computer Thumbnail
Flower Thumbnail
"A Computer Career"
Includes a hard drive, floppy disks, CPUs and other chips, connectors and more. The original resides in the Programmer's home.

Original approximately 23" x 28".
"The Eye Doctor"
Includes lenses, frames, contacts and contact cases, eye drops, eye patches, eyeglass cases and more.

Original approximately 25" x 29".

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The examples above not for sale; they are simply samples of Merrie's custom work.

Whether displayed in a corporate lobby, over a fireplace or in a private office, our highly personal works of art invariably bring a smile to the faces of all who view them.

Golfer? Dentist? Collector? Lawyer? Hobbiest? Engineer?

Each collage is an original; we work with you to gather the "props" that best define your theme.

How much? Roughly US$50-$100 per square foot. (The time it will take to gather your unique materials [if you don't already have them] may have an affect.) A frame is extra... you can use your own, or we can select one for you.

Email or call 630-469-7200, and we'll work with you to create the perfect corporate, personal or gift collage!

There's nothing else like it on the planet.

(Signed) Merrie

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